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Food Security Assessment 2005, GFA 17

by Birgit Meade, Stacey Rosen, and Shahla Shapouri

Outlook No. (GFA-17) 58 pp, May 2006

Cover image In 2005, 777 million people were food insecure in 70 lower income countries studied in this report. On average, there has been a slight decline in the number of hungry people from 688 million in 1992-94 to 639 million in 2002-04. Both Asia and the Commonwealth of Independent States experienced a 30-percent drop in the number of hungry people. The number in Latin America and the Caribbean has varied slightly over time, but there has been no discernible trend across the region as a whole. Despite strong growth in food production, Sub-Saharan Africa is the only region where the number of hungry people has risen—over 19 percent—during the last decade.

Keywords: Food security, hunger, nutritional requirement, food gaps, food imports, import dependency, consumers, World Food Summit goal, Africa, Latin America and Caribbean, Asia, Commonwealth of Independent States, CIS, Ghana, Peru, Vietnam

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