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Characteristics of U.S. Orange Consumption

by Susan Pollack, Biing-Hwan Lin, and Jane E. Allshouse

Fruit and Tree Nuts Outlook No. (FTS-30501) 17 pp, August 2003

U.S. per capita consumption of oranges has grown slowly since the 1960s, although the orange remains the number one fruit consumed (total fresh and processed uses). Consumption patterns appear to vary by demographic and economic characteristics. Northeast consumers show the strongest preference for orange juice, and those in the West for fresh oranges compared with consumers elsewhere. Consumers in the Midwest and the South consume less of all orange products. Hispanics and people of "other" races (including Asians) have the highest orange consumption of all racial/ethnic groups. Consumers classified as high-income favor orange juice, while those in the low-income group have the highest per capita consumption of orange drink. Males consume a greater share of all orange products than females.

Keywords: orange, juice, drink, consumption, per capita use, distribution, regions, racial/ethnic background, income, age

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Last updated: Monday, March 16, 2015

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