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The Import Share of U.S.-Consumed Food Continues To Rise

by Alberto Jerardo

Outlook No. (FAU-66-01) 5 pp, July 2002

The import share of U.S. food consumption held steady at 8.8 percent from 1998 to 2000. Import share in 2000 is an average of the 12.3 percent share of U.S. consumption of food crops and crop products and the 4.2 percent share of animal products, including fish and shellfish. These import shares of the two major food groups are each weighed by their corresponding shares of total U.S. per capita food consumption. In 1992, overall imports were only 7 percent of U.S.-consumed food, but increased as both the U.S. economy and the dollar strengthened.

Keywords: Import share, food consumption, food imports

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