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Food Assistance Research Briefs

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Food Assistance and Nutrition Research Report No. (FANRR-34) September 2003

America’s most important resource is its children. Many of this Nation’s children are served by one or more of USDA’s domestic food assistance programs. ERS' Food Assistance and Nutrition Research Program created the Food Assistance Research Briefs series to provide concise and timely insights from recent ERS research of Federal food assistance programs. This group of briefs looks at some of the issues currently facing those programs targeted specifically to children. These programs include the National School Lunch Program, the WIC Program, the Child and Adult Care Food Program, and the Summer Food Service Program, and account for over one-third of total spending for food assistance.

Keywords: food assistance, Food Assistance and Nutrition Research Program, WIC, Child and Adult Care Food Program, National School Lunch Program, Summer Food Service Program, competitive foods, childhood obesity, food insecurity, agricultural economics

In this publication...

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Food Assistance Research Brief—Assessment of WIC Cost-Containment Practices (FANRR34-1)

Food Assistance Research Brief—WIC and Breastfeeding Rates (FANRR34-2)

Food Assistance Research Brief—Estimating Eligibility and Participation in WIC (FANRR34-3)

Food Assistance Research Brief—Certifying Eligibility in the National School Lunch Program (FANRR34-4)

Food Assistance Research Brief—A Healthy School Meal Environment (FANRR34-5)

Food Assistance Research Brief—Do Healthy School Meals Cost More? (FANRR34-6)

Food Assistance Research Brief—Competitive Foods: Soft Drinks vs. Milk (FANRR34-7)

Food Assistance Research Brief—Tiering Increases CACFP Sponsors' Administrative Tasks (FANRR34-8)

Food Assistance Research Brief—Reimbursement Tiering Improves Targeting but Decreases Participation in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (FANRR34-9)

Food Assistance Research Brief—Feeding Low-Income Children When School Is Out: The Summer Food Service Program (FANRR34-10)

Food Assistance Research Brief—Childhood Obesity and the Role of USDA (FANRR34-11)

Food Assistance Research Brief—Importance of Child Nutrition Programs to Agriculture (FANRR34-12)

Food Assistance Research Brief—Food Insecurity in Households With Children (FANRR34-13)

Food Assistance Research Brief—The USDA Fruit and Vegetable Pilot Program Evaluation (FANRR34-14)

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