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Local Meat and Poultry Processing: The Importance of Business Commitments for Long-Term Viability

by Lauren Gwin, Arion Thiboumery, and Richard Stillman

Economic Research Report No. (ERR-150) 50 pp, June 2013

Cover image for ERR 150 Consumer demand for local food, including local meat and poultry, has risen in recent years. To sell meat, farmers need access to appropriately scaled processing facilities with the skills, inspection status, and reliability to prepare these products safely, legally, and to customer specifications. This report explores this multi-faceted problem and identifies fundamental causes.

Keywords: local food, local meat and poultry, farmers, processing facilities, inspection, customer specifications. small processors. local processing, case studies, livestock, poultry

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Last updated: Thursday, June 20, 2013

For more information contact: Lauren Gwin, Arion Thiboumery, and Richard Stillman