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Nutritional Quality of Food Prepared at Home and Away From Home, 1977-2008

by Biing-Hwan Lin and Joanne Guthrie

Economic Information Bulletin No. (EIB-105) 24 pp, December 2012

Cover image for EIB105 The increased popularity and lower nutritional quality of food away from home (FAFH) prompts new health promotion strategies. Over the past 30 years, food at home has changed more in response to dietary guidance than FAFH, particularly for fat and calcium content.

Keywords: food away from home, food at home, food consumption, diet quality, Nationwide Food Consumption Survey, NFCS, National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, NHANES

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Last updated: Thursday, December 27, 2012

For more information contact: Biing-Hwan Lin and Joanne Guthrie