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Rural America at a Glance, 2015 Edition

by Lorin Kusmin

Economic Information Bulletin No. (EIB-145) 6 pp, November 2015

Cover image This report highlights the most recent indicators of social and economic conditions in rural areas, focusing on the U.S. rural economy, including employment, population, poverty trends, and educational attainment trends.

Keywords: Rural indicators, population, employment, rural unemployment, nonmetropolitan, nonmetro, rural economy, metro, rural America, census data, population growth, poverty, child poverty, recession, demographics, rural educational attainment

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Webinar with author Lorin Kusmin on Rural America at a Glance, 2015 Edition

Errata: On January 15, 2016, the Rural America at a Glance, 2015 Edition was updated to correct a statement that nearly 300 rural counties lost population due to natural change during 2010-14. The sentence was revised to read, "Almost 900 rural counties (including about 300 counties for the first time) lost population due to natural change during 2010-14." Also, the information on two charts was clarified to match the data presented: source information on the chart at the top of page 4 was updated to reflect that 2014 data were used, and in the chart on page 6 the horizontal axis legend no longer contains the phrase “in 2000.” Finally, the chart depicting educational attainment for rural minorities, and a text reference to it, were corrected to remove the term “(non-Hispanic),” and the chart note was expanded to clarify that “people who identify their origin as Hispanic or Latino may be of any race.”

Last updated: Thursday, January 28, 2016

For more information contact: Lorin Kusmin