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Cotton and Wool Outlook: July 2012

by Leslie Meyer, Stephen MacDonald, and James Kiawu

Outlook No. (CWS-12e) 18 pp, July 2012

The latest USDA projections for U.S. and world cotton supply and demand are presented and discussed in this report. Relevant fiber data tables and charts also are provided.

Keywords: Forecast, imports, exports, textile, fiber, supply & use, bales, cotton, trade deficit, Cotton and Wool Outlook. CWS12e

In this publication...

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On July 13, the following corrections were made in Table 6:

• Manmade home furnishings for Apr 2012—changed from 25,953 to 75,115.

• Manmade floor coverings for Apr 2012—changed from 75,115 to 25,953.

Last updated: Friday, July 13, 2012

For more information contact: Leslie Meyer, Stephen MacDonald, and James Kiawu