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Understanding Rural America

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Agriculture Information Bulletin No. (AIB-710) 36 pp, February 1995

Understanding Rural America The diversity of rural America and the changes it has undergone in the last half century have resulted in a wide variety of economic conditions and needs. This full-color report documents changes in rural employment, population, and well-being for six categories of rural counties: those that depend on farming, manufacturing, and services, and those that have high concentrations of retirees, Federal lands, and poverty.

Keywords: rural employment, rural population, rural well-being, farming counties, manufacturing counties, services counties, retirement-destination counties, federal lands counties, persistent poverty counties, rural America

In this publication...

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Rural America

Rural Change

Rural Employment

Rural Population

Rural Well-Being

Rural Diversity

County Types

Farming Counties

Manufacturing Counties

Services Counties

Retirement-Destination Counties

Federal Lands Counties

Persistent Poverty Counties


Appendix Table 1 -- Selected population, income, and employment characteristics for counties, by county type

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