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Atrazine: Environmental Characteristics and Economics of Management

by Marc Ribaudo and Aziz Bouzaher

Agricultural Economic Report No. (AER-699) 22 pp, September 1994

Restricting or eliminating the use of atrazine in the Midwest would have important economic consequences for farmers and consumers. Atrazine is an important herbicide in the production of corn and other crops in the United States. Since atrazine is such an important herbicide, mandatory changes in application strategies are likely to generate sizable costs for producers and consumers. However, recent findings indicate that elevated amounts of atrazine are running off fields and entering surface water resources. This report presents the costs and benefits of an atrazine ban, a ban on pre-plant and pre-emergent applications, and a targeted ban to achieve a surface water standard. A complete atrazine ban is hypothesized to be the costliest strategy, while the targeted strategy is the least costly.

Keywords: atrazine, water quality, environmental quality, agricultural production, costs, benefits

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Last updated: Tuesday, May 07, 2013

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