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Where Do WIC Participants Redeem Their Food Benefits?
April 28, 2016
This report examines the distribution of WIC store types and dollar redemptions and compares the share of WIC versus SNAP redemptions at large stores in FY 2012 as a rough measure of WIC participants’ price sensitivity.
Consumption of Food Commodities by Demographic Group
March 30, 2016
ERS drew on national dietary intake surveys to break down the ERS Loss-Adjusted Food Availability data and show food consumption by demographic characteristics for 63 commodities (who eats what food commodities and how much).
Analyzing the Data: FDA Refusals of Food Shipments for Import, 2005-13
March 28, 2016
Of more than 140,000 FDA violations in food shipments for import in 2005-13, over half were for adulteration (safety, packaging integrity, or sanitation), and 41 percent for misbranding (e.g., misleading labels or those lacking English).
FY 2015 Food Assistance Expenditures Remain Similar to FY 2014
March 17, 2016
Spending for USDA’s 15 domestic food and nutrition programs totaled $104.1 billion in fiscal 2015, or about the same as the previous fiscal year. This was about 5 percent lower than the historical high of $109.2 billion set in FY 2013.
The Phenomenon of Thinning Markets in U.S. Agriculture
March 16, 2016
As U.S. agriculture becomes increasingly concentrated and markets become thinner (smaller number of ag product purchasers), increased producer-processor coordination could provide substantial efficiency gains despite some challenges.
Dairy Policy Addresses Price Volatility in a Changing Industry Structure
March 09, 2016
Dairy farmers faced a severe financial setback in 2009 as milk prices fell sharply and feed prices remained high, while the industry has undergone structural change. Recent legislation addresses the volatility in milk and feed prices.
USDA Fruit and Vegetable Recommendations: How Affordable?
February 26, 2016
Many consumers may perceive fruit and vegetable recommendations in USDA's Dietary Guidelines for Americans as too expensive. ERS illustrates how a family of four can meet these recommendations on a limited budget.
Coexistence of Organic, Genetically Engineered, and Non-GE Crops
February 24, 2016
ERS synthesizes production data on GE crop varieties, organic crops (which exclude GE seed), and conventionally grown non-GE crops, and considers coexistence practices and economic losses due to unintended presence of GE material.
2016: Farm Income Forecast
February 18, 2016
Net farm income is forecast to be $54.8 billion in 2016, down 3 percent from the 2015 forecast. The median income of farm households is forecast to rebound slightly, up 5 percent to $81,666 in 2016.
Haiti Likely To Continue Relying on Imports of U.S. Rice
February 01, 2016
Imports make up about 80 percent of rice availability in Haiti, a major market for U.S. rice. Efforts are underway in Haiti to raise productivity, but it is still likely to rely on U.S. rice for a large share of its food supply.

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