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China Is Increasing Its Reliance on Agricultural Imports
February 19, 2015
China is heavily importing land-intensive agricultural products such as oilseeds, oil, and cotton, and the United States has become the leading supplier of China's agricultural imports.
Wetland Conservation: Estimating Costs and Environmental Benefits
February 19, 2015
ERS findings suggest how and where funds for wetland protection and restoration might be targeted within States, regions, and across the United States to maximize environmental benefits relative to costs.
Measuring Access to Food in Tanzania
February 18, 2015
ERS compares the cost of regional representative food baskets in Tanzania with per capita income to identify regions and income groups facing potential difficulties with access to food.
USDA Agricultural Projections to 2024
February 11, 2015
USDA’s 10-year food/farm sector projections cover major agricultural commodities, trade, and aggregate indicators of the U.S. farm sector, like farm income. Population and income growth are drivers of long-term demand for farm commodities.
NAFTA at 20: Its Impact on Agriculture
February 02, 2015
In 20 years after NAFTA’s implementation, U.S. agricultural exports to Canada and Mexico increased from $8.9 billion to $39.5 billion, while U.S. agricultural imports from these trading partners rose from $7.4 billion to $39.4 billion.
Trends in U.S. Local and Regional Food Systems
January 29, 2015
ERS details current economic information on local food producers, consumers, and policies, based on findings from several national surveys and a synthesis of recent literature.
WIC Confronts New Issues After 40 Years in Operation
January 27, 2015
As WIC matures, emerging issues include equity concerns, food cost management, changes in the WIC food packages, the program's lesser known effects, and the impact of economic conditions on participation.
Improving Health Through the U.S. Nutrition Research System
January 26, 2015
ERS explores the structure and function of the U.S. nutrition research system, particularly changes in Federal support. Federal investments in nutrition research grew from 1985 to 2009 in real terms, but the portfolio of research changed.
Could Alternative CRP Auction Designs Increase Cost-Effectiveness?
January 05, 2015
Effective design of auctions for enrolling participants in Federal conservation programs could help meet program goals, reduce Government expenditures, and encourage landowners to provide greater environmental services.
Most U.S. Farms Are Family Operations
December 22, 2014
Most U.S. farms—97 percent in 2011—are family operations. Small family farms make up 90 percent of the count, though midsize and large-scale family farms produce 60 percent of value of production, per ERS’s latest Family Farm Report.

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