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Podcasts from 2009 and earlier are available in the ERS Archive.

Visual Media

  • Video: Normal Food Price Inflation In 2012 (USDA video at YouTube). A new video from USDA features ERS economist Ricky Volpe discussing expectations for food prices in 2012. (December 16, 2011).

  • Video: Founding FathERS, ERS 50th Anniversary. Dr. Willard Cochrane and Dr. John Schnittker played key roles in establishing ERS, and in shepherding its early years. Here, they reminisce and envision the future. See more video related to ERS' 50th anniversary. (10 minutes 58 seconds). Transcript: 16x16 - PDF PDF version 16x16 - TXT Text version

  • Video: Food Desert Locator. ERS economist Michele Ver Ploeg provides an overview of the Food Desert Locator. (May 2, 2011; 3 minutes, 24 seconds). Transcript: 16x16 - PDF PDF version 16x16 - TXT Text version

  • Video: Food Prices, Spring 2011 (USDA video at YouTube). A video from USDA discusses the expected rise in food prices for spring 2011. (March 30, 2011).

  • Photos: County Courthouses (USDA slideshow at Flickr). During a celebrated career that spanned more than 55 years, Calvin Beale was widely acknowledged for pathbreaking research on the farm population. Having once said, "You can't know what's going on in the country from behind a desk in Washington," Mr. Beale visited most U.S. counties before his death in 2008. Along the way, he photographed over 2,000 county courthouses. The photos in this gallery were his favorites. (February 23, 2011).

  • Videos: ERS 50th Anniversary. Former ERS Administrators Kitty Smith, Susan Offutt, John E. Lee, and former ERS Deputy Administrator J.B. Penn share their thoughts about the agency's past, present, and future. (February 23, 2011).

  • Slideshow: Farm Income Forecast, 2010. This slideshow contains highlights from the recent Farm Income Forecast. (December 10, 2010).

  • Video: Food Prices Going Up. USDA's Broadcast and Media Technology Center produced a video on rising food prices in the United States. (August 29, 2008; 1 minute 29 seconds). 16x16 - PDF Text only version

  • Video: House Committee on Education and Labor Food Prices Hearing. Ephraim Leibtag, an Economist for the USDA Economic Research Service, testified at a July 9, 2008 House Committee on Education and Labor hearing concerning the effect of the rising cost of food on child nutrition programs. (July 9, 2008; 5 minutes 55 seconds).

  • Video: Careers at USDA's Economic Research Service. A video overview of the advantages of working at the Economic Research Service. ERS is a primary source of economic information from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, covering food, farming, trade, natural resources, and rural development. The video includes comments from staff economists and social scientists. (4 minutes 17 seconds). 16x16 - PDF Text-only version.

  • Audio Slideshow: Rural Amenities (requires Adobe Flash Player - 2 minutes). This audio slideshow highlights some of the findings from the report Farmland Protection: The Role of Public Preferences for Rural Amenities. The report investigates the relative importance of preserving different amenities conserved by farmland protection programs. November 14, 2002.

  • Audio slideshow: 40 Years of Service (requires Adobe Flash player). January 11, 2002.


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