Pie chart with 5 items.

One-third of those participating in WIC in April 2014 had income at or below 50 percent of poverty level

Item 1, 0-50% of poverty level 34.4%.
Item 2, 51-100% of poverty level 33.0%.
Item 3, 101-185% of poverty level 22.1%.
Item 4, more than 185% of poverty level 1.3%.
Item 5, no reported income 9.1%.

1Participants with no reported income include those with missing information on income, income time period, or size of the economic unit, as well as those who reported zero income. It is not clear whether zero income indicates missing information or adjunctive eligibility (for example, SNAP participants, who automatically meet income eligibility criteria).

Source: Prepared by ERS, USDA using April 2014 data from “WIC Participant and Program Characteristics: 2014 Final Report,” USDA, Food and Nutrition Service (see Table III.6). Available at: http://www.fns.usda.gov/sites/default/files/op/WICPC2014.pdf