Multiple-operator and multiple-generation farms, by farm typology, 2012

Percent of farms in each group

Stacked Bar chart with 9 groups and 2 items per group.

  Multiple-operator, but not multiple-generation Multiple-operator and multiple-generation
Retirement 29.3 5.2
Off-farm occupation 36.0 4.1
Low-sales 27.8 5.2
Moderate-sales 30.9 8.3
Midsize family farms 30.3 13.7
Large 33.9 21.0
Very Large 40.7 32.5
Nonfamily farms 33.1 18.6
All farms 31.8 6.3


Notes: Multiple-operator farms have more than one operator. Multiple-generation farms are multiple-operator farms with a difference of at least 20 years between the ages of the youngest and oldest operators. The remaining farms (not shown) are single-operator farms with only one operator. Small family farms have gross cash farm income (GCFI) < $350,000. Midsize family farms have GFCI of $350,000-$999,999. Large-scale family farms have GFCI of $1,000,000 or more. Source: USDA, Economic Research Service and National Agricultural Statistics Service, 2012 Agricultural Resource Management Survey.