Population change by county's place on the rural-urban continuum, 2004-07 and 2010-13

Percent change

Area/Year 2004-07 2010-13
Metro central 2.9 2.7
Metro outlying 5.1 1.9
Nonmetro adjacent 2.2 -0.1
Nonadjacent urban 1.5 0.4
Nonadjacent rural -0.2 -0.7

Note: Categories are based on 2013 metro definitions. Metro central counties contain urbanized areas of 50,000 or more. Metro outlying counties are tied to central counties through high commuting levels. Nonmetro adjacent counties are both physically adjacent to a metro area and have 2 percent or higher commuting to the central counties. Nonadjacent counties are divided into those with and without urban populations. Source: USDA, Economic Research Service using data from U.S. Census Bureau.