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Tim Graciano

Agricultural Economist


Tim Graciano joined ERS's Market and Trade Economics Division in July 2011 after receiving a Ph.D. at Washington State University. His research interests include international trade, development, industrial organization, and time series econometrics. His current research focuses on firm-level trade participation under uncertainty, with an emphasis on how the timing of costs to trade affect import decisions. This work examines how firm-level dynamics alter aggregate trade patterns, and has wide applications to agriculture, manufacturing and technology adoption. Additional projects include investigating the role corruption plays in causing the resource curse, and transition paths in heterogeneous firm trade models.


Ph.D. Economics, Washington State University 2011 B.A. Economics, Pacific Lutheran University 2006 B.B.A. Business, Pacific Lutheran University 2006

Professional Affiliations:

American Economic Association, 2006-Present Western Economic Association International, 2006-Present

Selected Publications:

Gibson, Mark J. and Tim A. Graciano. 2011. The Decision to Import. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 93 (2):444-449.

Last updated: Tuesday, October 29, 2013

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