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Mark Nord

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Mark Nord is a sociologist in the Food Assistance Branch at the Economic Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. His research areas include household food security and hunger, and food and nutrition assistance programs.


Previous work includes research on natural resources, rural poverty, and migration at ERS and at the Pennsylvania State University, management of relief and poverty alleviation programs of a non-government organization in Bangladesh, and bush flying in the jungles of Borneo.


M.S. and Ph.D. in rural sociology from the Pennsylvania State University.

Professional Affiliations:

Rural Sociological Society and Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management.

Selected Publications:

Coleman-Jensen, Alisha, and Mark Nord. "Food Insecurity in Households with Children Increased in 2008," USDA, ERS, Amber Waves 8(1): 8, March 2010.

Agarwal, Siddharth, Vani Sethi, Palak Gupta, Meenakshi Jha, Ayushi Agnihotri, and Mark Nord. "Experiential household food insecurity in an urban underserved slum of North India," Food Security 1(3):239-250, 2009.

Andrews, Margaret, and Mark Nord. "Food Insecurity Up in Recessionary Times," USDA, ERS, Amber Waves 7(4):32-36, December 2009.

Nord, Mark, Max Finberg, and James McLaughlin. "What Should the Government Mean by Hunger?" Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition 4(1):20-47, 2009.

Nord, Mark. "Food Insecurity Less Prevalent in Canada than the United States," USDA, ERS, Amber Waves 7(2):4, June 2009.

Nord, Mark. "Some Households Leaving SNAP Have Trouble Putting Enough Food on the Table," USDA, ERS, Amber Waves 7(2):5, June 2009.

Rafiei, Morteza, Mark Nord, Atefeh Sadeghizadeh, and Mohammah H. Entezari. "Assessing the Internal Validity of a Household Survey-Based Food Security Measure Adapted for Use in Iran," Nutrition Journal 8:28, 2009.

Nord, Mark. "Who Has Trouble Putting Food on the Table?" in An Illustrated Guide to Research Findings from USDA's Economic Research Service, USDA, ERS, EIB-48, April 2009.

Nord, Mark, Michelle D Hooper, and Heather A Hopwood. "Household-Level Income-Related Food Insecurity Is Less Prevalent in Canada Than in the United States," Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition 3(1):17-35, 2008.

Nord, Mark. "Disability Is an Important Risk Factor for Food Insecurity," USDA, ERS, Amber Waves 8(1):5, February 2008.

Brown, Blakely, Curtis Noonan, and Mark Nord. "Prevalence of Food Insecurity and Health-Associated Outcomes and Food Characteristics of Northern Plains Indian Households," Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition 1(4):37-53, 2007.

Melgar-Quionez, Hugo, Mark Nord, Rafael Perez-Escamilla, and A.M. Segall-Correa. "Psychometric properties of a modified US-household food security survey module in Campinas, Brazil," European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2007. Nord, M. and H. Hopwood. "Higher Cost of Food in Some Areas May Affect Food Stamp Households' Ability To Make Healthy Food Choices," chapter 3 in Can Food Stamps Do More to Improve Food Choices? USDA, ERS, ERR-29-3, 2007.

Nord, M. and H. Hopwood. "Recent Advances Provide Improved Tools for Measuring Children's Food Security," Journal of Nutrition 137:533-536, 2007.

Nord, M. and H. Hopwood. "Does Interview Mode Matter for Food Security Measurement? Telephone versus In-Person Interviews in the Current Population Survey Food Security Supplement," Public Health Nutrition 10(12):1474-1480, 2007.

Nord, M. and M. Prell. "Struggling to Feed the Family: What Does it Mean to Be Food Insecure?" USDA, ERS, Amber Waves 5(3):32-39, June 2007.

Nord, Mark and Linda S. Kantor. "Seasonal Variation in Food Insecurity is Associated with Heating and Cooling Costs among Low-Income Elderly Americans," Journal of Nutrition 136:2939-2944, 2006.

Nord, Mark and Kathleen Romig. "Hunger in the Summer: Seasonal Food Insecurity and the National School Lunch and Summer Food Service Programs," Journal of Children and Poverty 12(2):141-158, 2006.

Wilde, Parke, and Mark Nord. "The Effect of Food Stamps on Food Security: A Panel Data Approach," Review of Agricultural Economics 27(3):425-432, 2005.

Connell, C., M. Nord, K. Lofton, T. Rehner, and K. Yadrick. "Food Security of Older Children Can Be Assessed by Using a Standardized Survey Instrument," Journal of Nutrition 134(2004):2566-2572, 2004.

Cook, J.T., D.A. Frank, C. Berkowitz, M.M. Black, P.H. Casey, D.B. Cutts, A.F. Meyers, N. Zaldivar, A. Skalicky, S. Levenson, T. Heeren, and M. Nord. "Food Insecurity is Associated with Adverse Health Outcomes among Human Infants and Toddlers," Journal of Nutrition 134:1432-1438, June 2004.

Nord, M., and G. Bickel. Measuring Children's Food Security in U.S. Households, 1995-99, USDA, ERS, FANRR-25, 2002.

Nord, M. A 30-Day Food Security Scale for Current Population Survey Food Security Supplement Data, USDA, ERS, E-FAN-02015, 2002.

Nord, M. "The Decline in Food Stamp Use by Rural Low-Income Households: Less Need or Less Access?" Chapter 15 in Weber, B.A., G.J. Duncan, and L.A. Whitener (eds.) Rural Dimensions of Welfare Reform, Kalamazoo, MI: W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, (2002):433-451, 2002.

Nord, M. "Food Stamp Participation and Food Security," USDA, ERS, FoodReview 24(1):13-19, 2001.

Bickel, G., M. Nord, C. Price, W. Hamilton, and J. Cook. Guide to Measuring Household Food Security, Revised 2000, Alexandria, VA: USDA, Food and Nutrition Service, Office of Analysis, Nutrition, and Evaluation, 2000.


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