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Linda Calvin

Senior Agricultural Economist


Linda Calvin is a Senior Agricultural Economist in the Crops Branch of the Economic Research Service. She joined ERS in 1979, taking several years off to complete a Ph.D.  Linda works exclusively on the economics of the produce industry, with a strong emphasis on food safety. Her most recent project was developing surveys for USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service on microbial food safety in the produce industry. She served on short details at USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service and at the Food and Drug Administration.


Linda Calvin's work has focused on microbial food safety in produce, costs of foodborne illness outbreaks linked to produce, agricultural labor and mechanization, the impact of the growth of the North American greenhouse tomato industry, U.S.-Mexico trade, and on measuring the costs of phytosanitary barriers to trade. 



Ph.D., University of California-Berkeley, 1988

M.S., Washington State University, 1979

B.A., Stanford University, 1976

Selected Publications:

Arnade, Carlos, Fred Kuchler, and Linda Calvin. 2015. “The Changing Role of Consumers and Suppliers in a Food Safety Event: the 2006 Foodborne Illness Outbreak Linked to Spinach.” Applied Economics, December 2015:1-13.

Arnade, Carlos, Fred Kuchler, and Linda Calvin. 2013. “Consumers’ Response When Regulators Are Uncertain About the Source of Foodborne Illness.” Journal of Consumer Policy (2013) 36: 17-36.

Calvin, Linda, and Philip Martin. 2012. “The U.S. Produce Industry: Labor Intensive Commodities in a Global Market.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 94(2):464-470.

Carlos Arnade, Fred Kuchler, and Linda Calvin. 2011. “Food Safety and Spinach Demand: A Generalized Error Correction Model.” Agricultural and Resource Economics Review, Vol. 40, Number 2, August, pp. 251-265.

Martin, Philip, and Linda Calvin. 2010. “Immigration Reform: What Does it Mean for Agriculture and Rural America?” Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, Vol. 32, No. 2, pp. 232-253.

Arnade, Carlos, Linda Calvin, and Fred Kuchler. 2009. “Consumer Response to a Food Safety Shock: The 2006 Food-Borne Illness Outbreak of E. coli O157:H7 Linked to Spinach.” Review of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 31, No. 4, December, pp. 734-750.

Calvin, Linda, Barry Krissoff, and William Foster. 2008. “Measuring the Cost and Trade Effects of Phytosanitary Protocols: A U.S.-Japanese Apple Example.” Review of Agricultural Economics 30(1):120-135.

Just, Richard, Linda Calvin, and John Quiggin. 1999. “Adverse Selection in Crop Insurance: Actuarial and Asymmetric Information Incentives.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 81(1999):834-849.

Calvin, Linda, and Verónica Barrios. 1999. “Marketing Winter Vegetables from Mexico.” Journal of Food Distribution Research 30(1):50-62.

Calvin, Linda, and Barry Krissoff. 1998. “Technical Barriers to Trade: A Case Study of Phytosanitary Barriers and U.S.-Japanese Apple Trade.” Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 23(1998):351-366.


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