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Kathleen Kassel

Assistant Director for Communications


Kathleen Kassel is Assistant Director for Communications in ERS's Resource and Rural Economics Division.


Kathy received an A.B. in economics from Bryn Mawr College.

Selected Publications:

Progress and Partnerships in a Dynamic Rural America, by Leslie Whitener, Joseph Jen, and Kathleen Kassel

A Safety Net for Farm Households, by Craig Gundersen, Mitchell Morehart, Leslie Whitener, Linda Ghelfi, James Johnson, Kathleen Kassel, Betsey Kuhn, Ashok Mishra, Susan Offutt, and Laura Tiehen

Commuting and the Economic Functions of Small Towns and Places, by Lorna Aldrich, Calvin Beale, and Kathleen Kassel

Agriculture and the Rural Economy: Economic Growth in Farming Areas Lags the Rest of Rural America, by Kathleen Kassel and Thomas Carlin

David McGranahan and Kathleen Kassel, "Education and Regional Employment in the 1980s: Comparisons among OECD Member Countries" in Rural Employment: An International Perspective (Ray D. Bollman and John M. Bryden, ed.)


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