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Katherine Ralston

Agricultural Economist

Katherine is an Agricultural Economist with the Food Assistance Branch. She conducts research and staff analysis on nutrient intakes of food assistance program participants, efforts to improve the school meal environment, and factors affecting dietary choice, including food safety information.

Katherine holds a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of California, Berkeley. She received her Master of Science from Cornell University and a Bachelor of Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Professional Affiliations:
American Agricultural Economics Association

Selected Publications:
Ralston, K. Nutrition and Health Characteristics of Low-Income Populations: Usual Nutrient Intakes, USDA, Economic Research Service, AIB 796-2, February 2005.

Golan, E., J. Buzby, S. Crutchfield, P. Frenzen, F. Kuchler, K. Ralston, and T. Roberts. "The Economic Value of Foodborne Risk Reduction," In Toward Safer Food, S. Hoffman and M. Taylor, eds., Resources for the Future, Washington DC, 2005.

Lin, B.H., and K. Ralston. Food Assistance Research Brief--Competitive Foods: Soft Drinks vs. Milk, USDA, Economic Research Service, FANRR 34-7, July 2003.

Ralston, K., J. Buzby, and J. Guthrie. Food Assistance Research Brief-A Healthy School Meal Environment, USDA, Economic Research Service, FANRR 34-5, July 2003.

Ralston, K., C.P. Brent, Y. Starke, T. Riggins, and C.-T.J. Lin. Consumer Food Safety Behavior: A Case Study of Hamburger Cooking and Ordering, USDA, Economic Research Service, AER 804, May 2002.

Ralston, K., and C.-T.J. Lin. "Safe Handling Labels for Meat and Poultry: A Case Study in Information Policy," Consumer Interests Annual, Vol. 47, 2001.

Ralston, K. Hamburger Doneness and Consumer Preferences Data, Data Product with Documentation, ERS Website, 2001.

Golan, E.H., S.J. Vogel, P.D. Frenzen, and K.L. Ralston. Tracing the Costs and Benefits of Improvements in Food Safety, USDA, Economic Research Service, AER 791, October 2000.

Ralston, K., Y. Starke, C.P. Brent, T. Riggins, and C.-T. J. Lin. Awareness of Risks Changing How Hamburgers are Cooked, FoodReview, USDA, Economic Research Service, May-August 2000.

Kuchler, F., K. Ralston, and J.R. Tomerlin. "Do Health Benefits Explain the Price Premiums for Organic Foods?," American Journal of Alternative Agriculture 15(1) January 2000.

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