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Jorge Fernandez-Cornejo

Agricultural Economist


Jorge Fernandez-Cornejo is an Economist in the Structure, Technology and Productivity Branch in the  Resource and Rural Economics Division. He currently works on the adoption and diffusion of agricultural technologies, agricultural biotechnology, and economics of biofuel production.


While at ERS (since 1990), Jorge has authored or coauthored 35 articles in refereed journals, 22 USDA publications, 6 book chapters, 7 miscellaneous publications, and has presented more than 60 Selected Papers at professional meetings. Jorge has also worked as a consultant to the Industry Department of The World Bank and as a manager in an integrated oil company.


Ph.D. in Operations Research/Agricultural Economics, and Master in Chemical Engineering, from the University of Delaware. M.A. in Energy and Resources from the University of California at Berkeley. B.S. in Industrial Engineering from UNI.

Professional Affiliations:

Member of the American Agricultural Economics Association, Western Agricultural Economics Association, and Northeastern Agricultural Economics Association. Former member of the Editorial Board of the Agricultural and Resource Economics Review and the Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics.

Received the 2005 Outstanding Journal Article of the Year Award of the Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics.

Served in the Committee on the Impact of Biotechnology on Farm Economics and Sustainability sponsored by the National Research Council (NRC) appointed by the National Academies (2009-2010).

Received the 2011 Agricultural & Applied Economics Association's (AAEA) Outstanding Choices Article Award.


Selected Publications:

Selected Journal Articles

Zilberman, D., S. E. Sexton, M. Marra, and J. Fernandez-Cornejo. "The Economic Impact of Genetically Engineered Crops." Choices 25(2)(2nd Quarter 2010).

Fernandez-Cornejo, J. and R.E. Just, "Researchability of Modern Agricultural Input Markets with Growing Concentration," American Journal of Agricultural Economics (proceedings) 89(4)(2007):1269-1275.

Fernandez-Cornejo, J., C. Hendricks, and A. Mishra. "Technology Adoption and Off-farm Household Income: The Case of Herbicide-Tolerant Soybeans." Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics37(3)(December 2005): 549-563.

Nehring, R., J. Fernandez-Cornejo, and D. Banker. "Off-Farm Labor and the Structure of U.S. Agriculture: The Case of Corn/Soybean Farms. Applied Economics 37(2005): 633-649.

Alexander, C., J. Fernandez-Cornejo, and R. Goodhue. "Effects of the GM Controversy on Iowa Corn-Soybean Farmers' Acreage Allocation Decisions." Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics. 28(3)(2003): 580-595.

Fernandez-Cornejo, J., C. Klotz-Ingram, and S. Jans. "Farm-Level Effects of Adopting Herbicide-Tolerant Soybeans in the U.S.A." Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. 34(1)(2002): 149-163.

Fernandez-Cornejo, J., C. Alexander, and R. Goodhue. "Dynamic Diffusion with Disadoption: The Case of Crop Biotechnology in the U.S.A." Agricultural and Resource Economics Review. 31(1)(2002): 112-126.

Fernandez-Cornejo, J., M. Caswell, and C. Klotz-Ingram. "Seeds of Change: From Hybrids to Genetically Modified Foods." Choices(Millennium issue, 4th quarter of 1999): 18-22.

Fernandez-Cornejo, J. and J. Ferrioli. "The Environmental Effects of Adopting IPM Techniques: The Case of Peach Producers." Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. 31(3)(December 1999): 551-564.

Fernandez-Cornejo, J., S. Jans, and M. Smith. "Issues in the Economics of Pesticide Use in Agriculture: A Review of the Empirical Evidence." Review of Agricultural Economics. 20(2)(1998): 462-88.

Ollinger, M. and J. Fernandez-Cornejo. "Sunk Costs and Regulation in the U.S. Pesticide Industry." International Journal of Industrial Organization, 16 (1998): 139-68.

Fernandez-Cornejo, J., C. Greene, R. Penn, and D. Newton. "Organic Vegetable Production in the U.S.: Certified Growers and their Practices." American Journal of Alternative Agriculture. 13 (2)(1998): 69-78.

Fernandez-Cornejo, J. "Environmental and Economic Consequences of Technology Adoption: IPM in Viticulture." Agricultural Economics. 18 (1998): 145-55.

Fernandez-Cornejo, Jorge and C. Richard Shumway. "Research and Productivity in Mexican Agriculture." American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 79 (3)(1997): 738-53.

Fernandez-Cornejo, J. and S. Jans. "Quality-Adjusted Price and Quantity Indices for Pesticides." American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 77 (3)(1995): 645-59.

Selected Book Chapters

Fernandez-Cornejo, J., C. Klotz-Ingram, R. Heimlich, M. Soule, W. McBride, and S. Jans. "Economic and Environmental Impacts of Herbicide-Tolerant and Bt Crops in the United States." The Economic and Environmental Impacts Agbiotech: A Global Perspective. Edited by Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes. Kleuwer Academic/Plenum Publishers. New York, NY. 2003, pp. 63-88.

Alexander, C., J. Fernandez-Cornejo, and R.E. Goodhue. "Determinants of GMO Use: Survey of Iowa Maize-Soybean Farmers' Acreage Allocation." Market Development for Genetically Modified Foods. Edited by V. Santaniello, R.E. Evenson, and D. Zilberman. ABI Publishing, Wallingford, UK. 2002, pp. 127-139.

Fernandez-Cornejo, J. and Yvon Pho. "Induced Innovation and the Economics of Herbicide Use." Economics of Pesticides, Sustainable Food Production, and Organic Food Markets. Vol. 4 of Series: "Advances in the Economics of Environmental Resources." Edited by D. Hall and J. Moffitt. Elsevier Science Ltd., Oxford, UK. 2002, pp. 37-54.

Fernandez-Cornejo, J., C. Klotz-Ingram, and S. Jans. "Farm-Level Effects of Adopting Genetically Engineered Crops in the U.S.A." Transitions in Agrobiotech: Economics of Strategy and Policy. Edited by W.L. Lesser. Proceedings of the 1999 NC-165 Conference presented in Washington DC, June 24-25, 1999. Food Marketing Research Center, U. of Connecticut and Dept. Res. Econ., U. of Massachusetts (Amherst). 2000, pp. 57-72.

Ollinger, M. and J. Fernandez-Cornejo. "Regulation and its Economic Consequences." Insect Pest Management: Techniques for Environmental Protection. Edited by J.E. Rechcigl. Boca Raton, FL: Lewis Publishers. 1999.

Selected USDA Reports

Fernandez-Cornejo, J. with contributions from A. Mishra, R. Nehring, C. Hendricks, A. Gregory, and M. Southern. Off-Farm Income, Technology Adoption and Farm Economic Performance, Economic Research Report, ERR-36, Economic Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Feb. 2007.

Fernandez-Cornejo, J. and M. Caswell. The First Decade of Genetically Engineered Crops in the United States. Economic Information Bulletin No. 11. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Economic Research Service. Washington, D.C. April 2006.

Fernandez-Cornejo, J. The Seed Industry in U.S. Agriculture. Agricultural Information Bulletin No. 786, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Economic Research Service, February 2003.

Price, G. K., W. Lin, and J. Fernandez-Cornejo. Size and Distribution of Market Benefits From Adopting Biotech Crops. Technical Bulletin No. 1906. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Economic Research Service, November 2003.

Fernandez-Cornejo, J. and W.D. McBride. Adoption of Bioengineered Crops. Agricultural Economic Report No. 810. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Economic Research Service, May 2002.

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