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Jeffrey Hyman



Jeffrey Hyman is an economist with the Food Markets Branch in the Food Economics Division. He has been working with retail scanner data and other large data sets for several years.

Current Projects:

  • Merging data on school districts from different data sets for use in exploring the determinants of USDA School Meal Program participation and outcomes
  • Investigating food purchases by households who participate in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
  • Investigating the impact of restaurant menu labeling on consumers and the restaurant industry
  • Estimating the costs to buy and consume fruits and vegetables. 


Jeffrey’s main research interests are food prices and restaurant menu labeling. He has estimated the costs of fruits and vegetables to meet Federal dietary recommendations. Jeffrey has also helped to illustrate the variety of fruits and vegetables that households can afford to buy with a limited budget.

As large chain restaurants will soon be required to post calorie information at the point of sale, Jeffrey has investigated how this will affect consumers. His research shows that even knowledgeable consumers stand to learn a lot of new information with calorie disclosures. He is currently investigating whether menu labeling will also prompt restaurants to adapt their menus by actions such as replacing higher-calorie menu items with lower-calorie options.


Jeffrey received his Bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Maryland in 2002. He has also studied advanced econometrics at the Graduate School, USA. 

Selected Publications:

Stewart, H., J. Hyman, and D. Dong, "Menu Labeling Fills the Gaps in Consumers’ Knowledge of the Calorie Content of Restaurant Foods," Agribusiness: An International Journal, 31(4): 491-506, 2015.

Buzby, J. and J. Hyman, "Total and per capita value of food loss in the United States," Food Policy, 37(5): 561-70, 2012.

Buzby, J., J. Hyman, H. Stewart, and H. Farah-Wells, "The Value of Retail- and Consumer-Level Fruit and Vegetable Losses in the United States," Journal of Consumer Affairs, 45(3): 492-515, 2011.

Stewart, H., J. Hyman, E. Frazao, J. Buzby, and A. Carlson, "Can Low-income Americans Afford to Satisfy MyPyramid Fruit and Vegetable Guidelines?" Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 43(3): 173-79, 2011.

Last updated: Monday, July 18, 2016

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