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Jayachandran Variyam

Division Director


Jay Variyam is Director of ERS's Food Economics Division. He previously served as chief of the division's Diet, Safety, and Health Economics Branch. His research interests include understanding the determinants of nutrition, diet quality, and diet-related health outcomes, with special focus on the roles of information, nutrition knowledge, and educational attainment.


Aside from Jay's work on food, nutrition and health economics, he has published research on small business economics and on econometric models involving latent variables. He has taught econometrics courses at the USDA Graduate School. He has also worked as an agricultural officer in the state department of agriculture in Kerala, India.


Jay holds a Ph.D. in agricultural economics from the University of Georgia. He completed his Master's degree in agricultural economics and B.Sc. in agriculture at the Kerala Agricultural University, Kerala, India.

Selected Publications:

Kuchler, F., E. Golan, J.N. Variyam, and S.R. Crutchfield. Obesity Policy and the Law of Unintended Consequences, USDA, ERS, Amber Waves, 3(3), June 2005, pp. 26-33.

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Variyam, J.N., J. Blaylock, and D. Smallwood. "Characterizing the Distribution of Macronutrient Intake Among U.S. Adults: A Quantile Regression Approach," American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 84(2), (2002):454-466.

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McCullough, M.L., D. Feskanich, E.B. Rimm, E.L. Giovannucci, A. Ascherio, J.N. Variyam, D. Spiegelman, M.J. Stampfer, and W.C. Willett. "Adherence to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and Risk of Major Chronic Disease in Men," American Journal of Clinical Nutrition72, November 2000, pp. 1223-1231.

Variyam, J.N., J. Blaylock, B.H. Lin, K. Ralston, and D. Smallwood. "Mother's Nutrition Knowledge and Children's Dietary Intakes," American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 81, (1999):373-384.

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