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Diansheng Dong

Agricultural Economist
Google Scholar Profile


Diansheng Dong is an economist in the Food Markets Branch of the Food Economics Division. His research interests focus on consumer food demand and purchase behavior, and healthy food promotion. Since joining ERS in 2007, he has been working on constructing complex new data and seeking better economic models and statistical methodologies to provide accurate and robust results in consumer food demand analyses and food policy evaluations.


Diansheng Dong received his Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from Texas A & M University, and a M.S. and B.A. in Engineering from Jilin University of Technology in China.

Selected Publications:

Dong, D., H. Stewart, A. Carlson, E. Frazao, and, J. Hyman. WIC Household Food Purchases Using WIC Benefits or Paying Out of Pocket: A Case Study of Cold Cereal Purchases, ERR-207, USDA, Economic Research Service, May 2016.

Carlson, A., D. Dong, H. Stewart, and E. Frazao, "Following Dietary Guidance Need Not Cost More—But Many Americans Would Need To Re-Allocate Their Food Budgets," Amber Waves, September 2015.

Dong, D., C. Davis, and H. Stewart, "The Quantity and Variety of Households’ Meat Purchases: A Censored Demand System Approach," Agricultural Economics, 46 (1): 99-112, September 2015.

Stewart, H., J. Hyman, and D. Dong. Menu Labeling Imparts New Information About the Calorie Content of Restaurant Foods, ERR-179, USDA, Economic Research Service, December 2014.

Carlson, A., D. Dong, and M. Lino, "Association between Total Diet Cost and Diet Quality is Limited," Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, I (39): 47-68, April 2014.

Stewart, H., D. Dong, and A. Carlson. Why Are Americans Consuming Less Fluid Milk? A Look at Generational Differences in Intake Frequency, ERR-149, USDA, Economic Research Service, May 2013.

Dong, D. and H. Stewart,. Households’ Choices Among Fluid Milk Products: What Happens When Income and Prices Changes? ERR-146, USDA, Economic Research Service, April 2013.

Stewart, H., D. Dong, and A. Carlson, "Is Generational Change Contributing to the Decline in Fluid Milk Consumption?" Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 37(3): 1-20, 2012.

Dong, D. and H. Stewart, "Modeling A Household’s Choice Among Food Store Types," American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 93 (3): 702-17, April 2012.

Dong, D., T. Schmit, and H. Kaiser, "Modeling Household Purchasing Behavior to Analyse Beneficial Marketing Strategies," Applied Economics, 44(6): 717-25, 2012.

Stewart, H., and D. Dong, "Variation in Retail Costs for Fresh Vegetables and Salty Snacks across Communities in the United States," Food Policy, 36: 128-35, May 2011.

Lin, B.H., S. Yen, D. Dong, and D. Smallwood, "Economic Incentives for Dietary Improvement among Food Stamp Recipients," Contemporary Economic Policy, 28 (4):524-36, October 2010.

Dong, Diansheng and H. Kaiser, "Investigating Household Food Interpurchase Behavior Through Market Segmentation," Agribusiness: An International Journal, 26 (3), 389–404, Summer 2010.

Dong, D. and E. Leibtag. Promoting Fruit and Vegetable Consumption: Are Coupons More Effective Than Pure Price Discounts. ERR-96, USDA, Economic Research Service, June 2010.

Dong, D. and B. Lin. Fruit and Vegetable Consumption by Low-Income Americans: Would a Price Reduction Make a Difference? ERR-70, USDA, Economic Research Service, January 2009.

Dong, DD. and H. Kaiser, "Studying Household Purchasing and Nonpurchasing Behaviour for a Frequently Consumed Commodity: Two Models," Applied Economics, 40:1941-51, 2008.

Dong, D., H. Kaiser, and O. Myrland, "Quantity and Quality Effects of Advertising: A Demand System Approach," Agricultural Economics, 36 (3): 313-24, 2007.

Dong, D. and H. Kaiser, "Coupon Redemption and Its Effect on Household Cheese Purchases," American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 87(3): 689-702. August 2005.

Dong, D., B. Gould, and H. Kaiser, "Food Demand in Mexico: An Application of the Amemiya-Tobin Approach to the Estimation of a Censored Food System," American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 86(4): 1094-1107, November 2004.

Dong, D., C. Chung, and H. Kaiser, "Modeling Milk Purchasing Behavior with a Panel Data Double-Hurdle Model," Applied Economics, 36: 769-79, 2004.

Dong, D., J. S. Shonkwiler, and O. Capps, "Estimation of Demand Functions Using Cross-Sectional Household Data: The Problem Revisited," American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 80(3):466-73, August 1998.

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