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Cynthia Nickerson

Deputy Director for Communications


Cindy is the Deputy Director for Communications in the Resource and Rural Economics Division. From July 2013 to May 2015, Cindy served as a Senior Economist on the White House Council of Economic Advisers. In her previous position as an Economist at ERS, Cindy conducted research primarily on the economics of farmland markets and agricultural and natural resource policy. Prior to pursuing a graduate degree, Cindy worked as a CPA for a publicly traded company and earlier for a national public accounting firm. 

  • Ph.D., Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Maryland, 2000.
  • M.S., Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Maryland, 1998.
  • M.S. in Environmental Studies from California State University, 1995.
  • Certified Public Accountant, 1987.
  • B.S., Accounting, Towson University, 1986.

Selected Publications:

Zhang, W. and C. Nickerson. 2015. "Housing Market Bust and Farmland Values: Identifying the Changing Influence of Proximity to Urban Centers." Land Economics. November 2015, v. 91, iss. 4, pp. 605-26.

Nickerson, C. 2015. "Data Sharing: Problems." Invited panelist remarks, HHS/Arnold Foundation conference on Reproducibility in Federal Evaluations, Washington D.C., April.

Nickerson, C. 2014. Invited panelist remarks at a Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy workshop, "Practical Evaluation Strategies for Building a Body of Proven-Effective Employment and Training Programs," Department of Labor, Washington, D.C., April.

Nickerson, C. (and others). 2014. Evaluation as a Tool for Improving Federal Programs. Chapter 7 in the Economic Report of the President, 2014.PDF

Martinez, S. and C. Nickerson. 2014. Jointly co-developed a Workshop on "Using Individual-Level Administrative Data to Build Evidence about Policies and Programs, while Protecting Privacy," Washington, D.C. January.

Nickerson, C. and W. Zhang. 2014. "Modeling the Determinants of Farmland Values in the U.S." Chapter 5 in J.M. Duke and J. Wu (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Land Economics.

Nickerson, C. 2014. Highlights of Recent Farm Sector and Rural Economy Performance.PDF Council of Economic Advisers.

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Jones, C., C. Nickerson, and N. Cavallaro. 2013. "U.S. Agricultural Policies and GHG Emissions," in Land Use and the Carbon Cycle, Cambridge University Press.

Nickerson, C., S. Cornman, M. Denbaly, M. Frazier, M. Hawes, S. Martinez, D. Miller, M. Moien, C. Puckett, M. Risha, M. Seastrom, K. Styles, M. Toland. 2012. "Informed Consent: Requirements and Practices for Statistical Uses of Administrative Data." Working Paper prepared for the Federal Interagency Council on Statistical Policy.

Ifft, J. C. Nickerson, T. Kuethe and C. You. 2012. Potential Farm-Level Effects of Eliminating Direct Payments, USDA-ERS Economic Information Bulletin 103, November.

Nickerson, C. 2012. "Trends in U.S. farmland values." Invited presentation at Informa Economics roundtable, Crystal City, VA, June.

Nickerson, C., J. Ifft, T. Kuethe and M. Morehart. 2012. Farmland Values on the Rise: 2000-2010. Amber Waves Feature (September).

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Wallander, S., R. Claassen, and C. Nickerson. 2011. The Ethanol Decade: An Expansion of U.S. Corn Production, 2000-09. USDA-ERS Economic Information Bulletin 79, August.

Wallander, S., R. Claassen, and C. Nickerson. 2011. Where Did the Corn Come From to Fuel the Expansion in Ethanol Production? Amber Waves (September): 56-57.

Nickerson, C. and A. Borchers. 2011. "U.S. Farmland Tenure Patterns: Overview," presented at the Agricultural Outlook Forum, Today’s Strategies and Tomorrow’s Opportunities, Washington, DC, February 2011.

Nickerson, C. 2011. "Sharing and Linking Data amongst Federal Agencies: Jumping The Informed Consent Hurdle," Invited Panelist Remarks, NORC Conference on Microdata Access, Washington, D.C., February.

Marshall, E. M. Caswell, S. Malcolm, M. Motamed, J. Hrubovcak, C. Jones, C. Nickerson. 2011. Measuring the Indirect Land-Use Change Associated With Increased Biofuel Feedstock Production: A Review of Modeling Efforts: Report to Congress, AP-54 (February), 56 pp.

Nickerson, C. 2010. "Addressing the Informed Consent "Barrier" to Sharing and Linking Data." Invited Presentation, FCSM/Council of Professional Associations on Federal Statistics Statistical Policy Seminar, Washington, D.C., December.

Nickerson, C. 2010. "Integrating Agriculture and Other Land Use Statistics: the U.S. Experience." Presentation at the International Conference on Agricultural Statistics, Kampala, Uganda, October.

Nickerson, C. 2010. Regional Equity Provision May Entail Conservation Tradeoffs, Amber Waves, (December).

Hand, M., and C. Nickerson. 2010. Targeted Farmers in EQIP Operate More Environmentally Sensitive Land, but Address Different Environmental Needs, Amber Waves, Sept.

Nickerson, C., M. Ribaudo and N. Higgins. 2010. The Farm Act’s Regional Equity Provision: Impacts on Conservation Program Outcomes. USDA-ERS Economic Research Report 98, June.

Nickerson, C., C. Claassen, R. Durst, L. Hansen, D. Hellerstein. 2009. "Cash or Credit? Tax Credits and Conservation Outcomes" Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 64(1):22A-26A.

Ribaudo, M. and C. Nickerson. 2009. "Agriculture and water quality trading: exploring the possibilities." Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 64(1):1-7.

Nickerson, C. "Effectiveness of Land Management Strategies in Peri-Urban Areas: What Economic Studies Have to Say" and "Land Use and Management in Peri-urban Areas: Experiences in the U.S." Invited speaker at workshop Research and Policy frontiers for the Management of Peri-Urban Lands. Brisbane, Australia, July 8, 2009.

Nickerson, C. "Environmental Benefits Index: a Lever for Balancing Multiple Objectives in the U.S. CRP." Two invited presentations at CSIRO, Canberra and Brisbane Australia, June 26, 2009 and July 3, 2009.

Nickerson, C. and M. Hand. 2009. Participation in Conservation Programs by Beginning, Limited Resource, and Socially Disadvantaged Farmers. USDA-ERS Economic Information Bulletin 62, December.

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Nickerson, C. 2004. "Effectiveness of Farm and Ranch Land Protection Programs: What Economic Studies Have to Say." Chapter 3 in What the Public Values about Farm and Ranch Land. Conference proceedings, Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development, State College, PA.

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Nickerson, C. and L. Lynch. 2001. "The Effect of Farmland Preservation Programs on Farmland Prices." American Journal of Agricultural Economics 83(2):341-351.

Heimlich, R. and W. Anderson (contributing authors includes C. Nickerson). 2001. "Development at the Urban Fringe and Beyond: Impacts on Agriculture and Rural Land." USDA-ERS Agricultural Economic Report No. 803 (June).

Nickerson, Cynthia. 2001."Smart Growth: Implications for Agriculture in Urban Fringe Areas." Agricultural Outlook, pp. 25-28 (April).

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