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Constance Newman



Constance Newman is an economist in the Food Assistance Branch working on program evaluation and participation dynamics in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly the Food Stamp Program) and the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). Her current projects include an examination of SNAP administrative data to better understand SNAP receipt and an examination of the impact of recent legislation on school meal programs.



Constance previously conducted research in labor economics and poverty analysis. Her early work focused on labor topics such as wage determination and incentive pay issues. Later work focused on the linkages between poverty and wage work, particularly for women in developing countries. She has conducted economic analyses of time use, labor productivity, immigration, and the implications for rural America of electricity restructuring in the 1990s.



Constance holds a Ph.D. and a Master's in Agricultural Economics from the University of California, Davis. Her Bachelor's in International Relations is from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Selected Publications:

Newman, Constance. "The Food Costs of Healthier School Lunches," Agricultural and Resource Economics Review 41 (1): 12-18, April 2012.

Newman, Constance, Jessica E. Todd, Michele Ver Ploeg. "Children's Participation in Multiple Food Assistance Programs: 1990 to 2008," Social Service Review, December 2011.

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Newman, Constance. "The Income Volatility See-Saw: Implications for School Lunch," in Income Volatility and Food Assistance in the United States, Jolliffe, D. and J. Ziliak (eds.), Chapter 6. MI: W.E. Upjohn Institute, 2008.

Newman, Constance, Katherine Ralston, and Annette Clauson. " Balancing Nutrition, Participation, and Cost in the National School Lunch Program," USDA, ERS, Amber Waves 6(4): 32-39, September 2008.

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Canagarajah, Sudharshan, Constance Newman, and Ruchira Bhattamishra. "Non-Farm Income, Gender, and Inequality: Evidence from Rural Ghana and Uganda," Food Policy 26 (4): 405-420, 2001.

Newman, Constance and Lovell Jarvis. "Worker and Firm Determinants of Piece Rate Variation in an Agricultural Labor Market," Economic Development and Cultural Change. 49 (1): 137-170, 2000.

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