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Claudia Hitaj



Claudia Hitaj is an Economist in the Conservation and Environment Branch of the Resource and Rural Economics Division. Claudia’s research interests include energy economics, environmental economics, and the economics of natural resources. She is currently researching the integration of renewable power into the transmission grid, renewable power systems on farms and ranches, and the impact of shale oil and gas development on farm practices and the rural economy. She is also involved in research on the effect of land management practices on pollinator health.

  • PhD in Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Maryland
  • MPhil in Environmental Policy, University of Cambridge
  • BA in Economics & Mathematics and BA in Biology, magna cum laude, Yale University

Selected Publications:

Hitaj, C, and S. Stocking (2016). Market efficiency and the U.S. market for sulfur dioxide allowances. Energy Economics 55: 135-147.

Hitaj, C. (2015). Location matters: The impact of renewable power on transmission congestion and emissions. Energy Policy 86: 1-16.

Weber, J.G., and C. Hitaj (2015). What can we learn about shale gas development from land values? Opportunities, challenges, and evidence from Texas and Pennsylvania. Agricultural and Resource Economics Review 44(2).

Hitaj, C., A. Boslett, and J.G. Weber (2014). Shale Development and Agriculture. Choices 29(4).

Weber, J.G. and C. Hitaj (2014). Shale Gas Drilling and Farm Real Estate Values. National Agricultural & Rural Development Policy Center, Policy Brief 25.

Hitaj, C., M. Schymura, and A. Loeschel (2014). The Impact of a Feed-In Tariff on Wind Power Development in Germany. ZEW Discussion Paper No. 14-035, Center for European Economic Research (ZEW).

Hitaj, C. (2013). Wind Power Development in the United States. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 65(3): 394-410.

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