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Andrea Carlson

Andrea Carlson



Andrea (Andi) Carlson, an economist in the Food Markets Branch of the Food Economics Division, researches food prices, with an emphasis on their impact on healthy diets and organic food purchases. Her research interests include defining the appropriate metric to determine the cost of a healthy diet, tracking consumption over time, and examining organic food purchases and price premiums. Andi joined ERS after 9 years with USDA's Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (CNPP) where she was the project leader for the USDA Food Plans, CNPP Food Prices Database, and a major contributor to the Cost of Raising a Child. Andi received the Secretary's Award for developing and implementing USDA's Food Patterns (Choose MyPlate, formerly MyPyramid).


Andi received her Ph.D. in Agricultural and Applied Economics from the University of Minnesota (1999), M.S. in International Development and Appropriate Technology from the University of Pennsylvania (2002), and B.A. in Physics from St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN (1988).

Selected Publications:

Carlson, A. and E. Frazao. Are Healthy Foods Really More Expensive? It Depends on How You Measure the Price. Economic Information Bulletin 96. Washington, DC: Economic Research Service, USDA, May 2012.

Carlson, A. and H. Stewart. "A Wide Variety of Fruit and Vegetables Are Affordable to Snap Recipients," Amber Waves: pp. 6-7, December 2011.

Frazao, E., A. Carlson, and H. Stewart. "Energy Adjusted Food Costs Make Little Economic Sense," American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 93(1), 2011.

Stewart, H., J. Hyman, E. Frazao, J.C. Buzby, and A. Carlson. "Can Low-Income Americans Afford to Satisfy MyPyramid Fruit and Vegetable Guidelines?" Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 43(2011):173-79. *2012 best article award, Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.

Stewart, H., J. Hyman, J.C. Buzby, E. Frazao, and A. Carlson. How Much Do Fruits and Vegetables Cost? Economic Information Bulletin. Washington, DC: Economic Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, February 2011.

Lino, Mark, and Andrea Carlson. "Estimating Housing Expenses on Children: A Comparison of Methodologies," Journal of Legal Economics 16 (2): 61-79, April 2010.

You, Wen, Ge Zhang, Brenda Davy, Andrea Carlson, and Biing-Hwan Lin. "Food Consumed Away From Home Can Be a Part of a Healthy and Affordable Diet," Journal of Nutrition 139:1994-99, October 2009.

Lino, Mark, and Andrea Carlson. Expenditures on Children by Families, USDA, CNPP, MP-1528, 2008.

Carlson, Andrea, Mark Lino, WenYen Juan, Kristin Marcoe, Lisa Bente, Hazel A. B. Hiza, Patricia M. Guenther, and Ephraim Leibtag. Development of the CNPP Prices Database, USDA, CNPP, CNPP-21, May 2008.

Carlson, Andrea, Mark Lino, and Thomas Fungwe. The Low-Cost, Moderate-Cost, and Liberal Food Plans, USDA, CNPP, CNPP-20, November 2007.

Carlson, Andrea, Mark Lino, WenYen Juan, Kenneth Hanson, and P. Peter Basiotis. Thrifty Food Plan, 2006, USDA, CNPP, CNPP-19, April 2007.

Carlson, Andrea, and Shirley Gerrior. "Food Source Makes a Difference in Diet Quality," Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior 38:238-243, 2006.

Foote, Janet A., Suzanne P. Murphy, Lynne R. Wilkens, P. Peter. Basiotis, and Andrea Carlson. "Dietary Variety Increases the Probability of Nutrient Adequacy Among Adults," Journal of Nutrition 134: 1779-85, 2004.

Carlson, Andrea and Benjamin Senauer. "The Impact of the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) on Child Health," American Journal of Agricultural Economics 85 (2): 479-91, May 2003.

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