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Alisha Coleman-Jensen

Social Science Analyst


Alisha Coleman-Jensen is a social science analyst with the Food Assistance Branch. Her research focuses on the measurement and determinants of food insecurity.


Alisha joined the Economic Research Service in 2009. Prior to joining ERS, her research as a graduate student at Penn State broadly encompassed the well-being of rural families. This included investigating the relationship between nonstandard work arrangements and food insecurity, the prevalence of nonstandard employment across residence areas in the U.S., workers' preferences for nonstandard work arrangements by gender and residence, and the educational and work experiences of rural youth. She also served as an AmeriCorps*VISTA volunteer in Tompkins County, NY, where she helped to coordinate services to rural food pantries.


Alisha holds a Ph.D. in Rural Sociology and Demography from The Pennsylvania State University, an M.S. in Rural Sociology from The Pennsylvania State University, and a B.S. in Human Development from Cornell University.

Professional Affiliations:

Population Association of America Rural Sociological Society

Selected Publications:

Coleman-Jensen, Alisha. "U.S. Food Insecurity Status: Toward a Refined Definition," Social Indicators Research, 2009.

McLaughlin, Diane K. and Alisha Coleman-Jensen. "Nonstandard Employment in the Nonmetropolitan United States," Rural Sociology 73(4): 631-59, December 2008.

Snyder, Anastasia R., Diane K. McLaughlin, and Alisha Coleman-Jensen. "The New, Longer Road to Adulthood: Schooling, Work and Idleness among Rural Youth," Carsey Institute Reports on Rural America (Number 9). Durham, NH: Carsey Institute, University of New Hampshire, 2009.


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