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Yearbook Tables

The compiled 2016 Vegetables and Pulses Yearbook tables, including a detailed table of contents, and tables from the previous year are also available.  Prior to 2012 this data series was entitled Vegetables and Melons Yearbook, archive copies are available here.

Yearbook tables contain a time series of annual per capita supply and use data for fresh and processed vegetables and for dry pulse crops.  Included are U.S. production, exports, imports, per capita utilization, and prices.

Highlights of the 2016 Vegetables and Pulses Yearbook:

  • Data tables are now organized into 4 categories for easier access: General; Supply and Utilization-Fresh Market; Supply and Utilization-Processed Market; Supply and Utilization-Dry Pulse Crops.
  • Aggregated Supply and Utilization tables for each category (fresh, processed, dry pulse) appear at the beginning of each Yearbook section.
  • Vegetable and dry pulse summary tables are included in the General section.
  • Supply and Utilization tables for an expanded number of individual fresh, processed, and dry pulse crops are included in each of those sections.
  • Several previously-published tables of publicly-available data have been removed and readers are referred to original data sources for more information.

Errata: On April 18, 2016, the Vegetables and Pulses Yearbook tables were reposted to correct errors in tables 8 and 29.  In table 8, annual export values for canned and total vegetables for 2015, and the percentage change in export values for canned and total vegetables for 2014 and 2015, were corrected.  In table 29, the values for Domestic Use and Per Capita Use for 2009 through 2015 were corrected.



Data Set   
DownloadsLast UpdatedNext Update
GeneralBack to top
U.S. per capita use of fresh and processing vegetables, dry pulse crops, and potatoes; cash receipts; U.S. vegetable tradeDownload as ExcelDownload as PDF4/18/2016
Supply and Utilization: Fresh MarketBack to top
U.S. fresh market vegetables, mushrooms, potatoes, and sweet potatoes: supply utilization and priceDownload as ExcelDownload as PDF4/18/2016
Supply and Utilization: Processed MarketBack to top
U.S. processing vegetables, mushrooms, and potatoes: supply utilization and priceDownload as ExcelDownload as PDF3/30/2016
Supply and Utilization: Dry Pulse CropsBack to top
Production, trade, stocks, and cash receipts for dry beans, dry peas, and lentilsDownload as ExcelDownload as PDF3/30/2016
All Tables ZipBack to top
Vegetables and Pulses Yearbook 2016Download as Zip4/18/2016

Last updated: Tuesday, April 26, 2016

For more information contact: Hodan Farah Wells