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Food Atlas

Data Access and Documentation Downloads

Errata: On March 10, 2014, the following seven variable names on quantities of foods per household were corrected from per capita to per household in the archived 2011 version of the Data Download and Documentation files: Lbs per household fruit&veg, 2006**; Ratio per household fruit&veg/prep food, 2006**; Lbs per household pkg sweetsnacks, 2006**; Gals per household soft drinks, 2006**; Lbs per household meat&poultry, 2006**; Lbs per household solid fats, 2006**; Lbs per household prepared foods, 2006.**

The current version of the Food Environment Atlas includes new indicators on SNAP policies, the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR), very low household food security, characteristics of farmers' markets, and State-level obesity rates for 2012. All of the data included in the Atlas are aggregated into an Excel spreadsheet for easy download. These data are from a variety of sources and cover varying years and geographic levels. The documentation for each version of the data provides complete information on definitions and data sources.

In the downloadable Excel spreadsheets:

  • State and county Federal information processing standards (FIPS) codes are provided.

  • The variable lookup file links the short field descriptions (indicator names) used in the data file with the longer indicator names used in the Atlas.

  • Unless otherwise noted with asterisks on the longer indicator names (in the variable lookup file), indicators are county-level measures. A single asterisk * denotes a State-level indicator, while a double asterisk ** denotes a regional-level indicator.

  • "No data" fields are empty or referenced with "-9999".
  • Supplemental data are provided in additional tabs (State- and county-level data are provided separately).

The current version of the Food Environment Atlas data file and documentation, along with three previous versions of the data and documentation, are available:

Data Set   
DownloadsLast UpdatedNext Update
Current VersionBack to top
Data Download Download as Excel2/18/2014
Documentation Download as PDF2/18/2014
Archived VersionsBack to top
November 2012 VersionBack to top
Data Download Download as Excel11/30/2012
Documentation Download as PDF11/30/2012
June 2012 VersionBack to top
Data DownloadDownload as Excel
DocumentationDownload as PDF
2011 VersionBack to top
Data DownloadDownload as Excel3/10/2014
DocumentationDownload as PDF3/10/2014

Last updated: Thursday, March 19, 2015

For more information contact: Vince Breneman and Michele Ver Ploeg