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Food and Nutrition Assistance Research Reports Database

Project: Supporting Families After Welfare Reform: Access to Medicaid, the Food Stamp Program (FSP), and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)
Award Year: 2000
Amount of award, fiscal 2000: $203,591.00
Institution: Mathematica Policy Research
Principal Investigator: LaDonna Pavetti
Status: Completed
Detailed Objective: This project is designed to help States and large counties solve problems in their eligibility processes that make it difficult for low-income families to access and retain program benefits. The project provides support for a Food Stamp Program component in a study that addresses Medicaid and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) study is part of a broader endeavor, supported by the Robert J. Woods Foundation, that looks at promising program practices for food stamps, Medicaid, and SCHIP. A second "improving practices" stage of the broader research with the Robert J. Woods Foundation will involve site visits to six States, four of which have been identified as part of the foundation's activity, and two additional ones funded by ACF.
Topic: SNAP/Food Stamp Program
Dion, M., and L. Pavetti. Access to and Participation in Medicaid and the Food Stamp Program: A Review of the Recent Literature, Mathematica Policy Research, Inc., March 7, 2000.
Pavetti, L., K. Maloy, and L. Schott. Promoting Medicaid and Food Stamp Participation: Establishing Eligibility Procedures That Support Participation and Meet Families' Needs, Mathematica Policy Research, Inc., June 4, 2002.

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