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These data are from several USDA agencies (see scope in Documentation).  They were previously were included in the Meat Statistics page in the Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry Outlook tables and may contain revisions not included in previous releases of the LDP tables.


    Data Set  Download as Excel
    DownloadsLast UpdatedNext Update
    U.S. dairy situation at a glance (Monthly)Download as Excel6/26/20147/25/2014
    U.S. milk production and related data (Quarterly)Download as Excel5/28/20148/27/2014
    Commercial disappearance of milk in all products, milkfat, and skim solids (Monthly)Download as Excel6/26/20147/25/2014
    Commercial disappearance of butter, nonfat dry milk (Monthly)Download as Excel6/26/20147/25/2014
    Commercial disappearance of American cheese, other than American cheese (Monthly)Download as Excel6/26/20147/25/2014
    Number and size of milk bottling plants operated by commercial processors (Annual)Download as Excel7/30/20137/31/2014
    Milk cows and production by State and region (Annual)Download as Excel5/1/20145/1/2015
    Milk: Supply and utilization of all dairy products (Annual)Download as Excel9/3/20139/2/2014
    Milk production and factors affecting supply (Annual)Download as Excel7/30/20133/25/2014
    Dairy products: Per capita consumption, United States (Annual)Download as Excel8/27/20138/26/2014
    Fluid milk sales by product (Annual)Download as Excel8/27/20138/26/2014
    Per capita consumption of selected cheese varieties (Annual)Download as Excel9/25/20139/30/2014

    Last updated: Thursday, June 26, 2014

    For more information contact: Roger Hoskin

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