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Note: This database is no longer being updated

Agricultural economists often require information and estimates on price and income elasticities for their research and analysis. Having a review of elasticities for major commodities and countries in a database will lay the foundation for more accurate research on production, consumption, and trade.

Most of the demand elasticities in this data product are from academic and government research conducted in the United States on consumer demand, as published in working papers, dissertations, and peer-reviewed journals and as presented at professional conferences in the United States. The most fully covered countries are the United States and China, and the greatest number of demand studies are for vegetables, fruits, and grocery products such as coffee and ketchup. The income, expenditure, own-price, and cross-price elasticities can be downloaded in Microsoft Excel or Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

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Last updated: Tuesday, August 26, 2014

For more information contact: James Hansen and Nora Brooks