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Statistics on domestically grown catfish and trout, and U.S. imports and exports of fish and shellfish that may be products of aquaculture, such as salmon, shrimp, and oysters. 

NOTE: USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) has suspended the catfish processors’ survey. Therefore, USDA, Economic Research Service tables containing data obtained from NASS on catfish processors are not being updated.

NOTE: All files containing data on catfish and trout have been consolidated into four files.

Data Set   
DownloadsLast UpdatedNext Update
Production and InventoriesBack to top
Catfish and Trout: Inventories, sales, and pricesDownload as ExcelDownload as PDF5/6/20152/4/2016
Catfish: Inventory as of January 1st - All YearsDownload as ExcelDownload as PDF5/6/20152/4/2016
TradeBack to top
Aquaculture Trade - Recent years and top countriesDownload as ExcelDownload as PDF8/6/20159/4/2015
Aquaculture Trade - All years and all countriesDownload as ExcelDownload as PDF8/6/20159/4/2015
Zipped CSV filesBack to top
ZIP file contains three CSV files: one with domestic catfish and trout data, one with export data, and one with import dataDownload as Zip8/6/20159/4/2015

Last updated: Thursday, August 06, 2015

For more information contact: David Harvey