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Key Accomplishments

The mission of the Economic Research Service is to inform and enhance public and private decision making on economic and policy issues related to agriculture, food, the environment, and rural development. Activities to support this mission involve a comprehensive program of economic research and analysis, including development of economic and statistical indicators, on a broad range of topics spanning the four goal areas of USDA:

  • Assist rural communities to create prosperity so they are self-sustaining, repopulating, and economically thriving;
  • Ensure our national forests and private working lands are conserved, restored, and made more resilient to climate change, while enhancing our water resources;
  • Help America promote agricultural production and biotechnology exports as America works to increase food security;
  • Ensure that all of America's children have access to safe, nutritious, and balanced meals.

The key accomplishments listed below summarize, by fiscal year, selected examples across the four goal areas of recent contributions made by ERS to deepen understanding of issues explored, highlight policy concerns revealed by prior analysis, and anticipate upcoming needs of policy and decision makers. Prior to FY 2009, the key accomplishments corresponded to the five USDA goal areas identified in the previous USDA Strategic Plan for FY 2000-2008.

Key Accomplishments, 2011

Key Accomplishments, 2010

Key Accomplishments, 2009

Previous Key Accomplishments

Last updated: Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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